Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thank Ewe MacAuslandsWoollen Mill!


That's about all I can say, besides "Thank You very much" to MacAuslands Woollen Mill in PEI. This lovely brick of 2 ply 100% wool yarn was waiting for me today at the post office. They donated it (20 skeins in 10 delightful colours) for the Keep the Fleece scarf project ... scarves are to be knit with a $1 donation per row, all funds raised go to Heifer International to provide livestock to farmers in underdeveloped countries, giving them a sustainable livelihood.

The Knitterpudlians have registered as a team in the project, and I am the team captain (doesn't mean anything other than I signed us up, and will keep track of the paperwork). The scarf will be started at the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat this weekend at White Point,NS, make its rounds weekly at the Knitterpudlians Knit Nites, and may even make a road trip or two, if other knitting groups would like to knit on the scarf(ves) and raise some money for this project(if you want to - contact me and we'll make arrangements -- my e mail is tom dot heather At ns dought symaptico dought ca).

As the scarf progresses - I 'll post pictures to show how the team is doing. Hopefully it will grow quickly - you'll see the donations adding up on the Keep the Fleece team page.

Thanks again to MacAuslands for their donation ... I am totally at a loss as to what to say, aside from Thanks, and wow!


lexa said...

Wow! That's a lot of yarn. Love the blue, pink, and purple.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

WOW! That is so great! How do I get involved in this project?