Monday, 24 August 2009

When you are this bad, they should call you William!

** Edited to add a video of the surf near the causeway (for those of you who aren't used to the ocean, please note, the noise you hear isn't the surf -- LOL! The lighthouse was directly behind us, and there was a generator running!)
Hurricane Bill, a category 1 hurricane, hit my town on Sunday morning ... T & I didn't have much damage - no flooding, even though our power went out during the worst of it (turns out, something fell on the tranformer right in front of our house! They came and took the branch off and the power was back on 20 minutes later). There were lots of big waves to be seen ... we did a tour around the Western Head loop ... the Island in the background is the one we have our camp on. Hopefully no damage, once the water calms down, we'll take a trip over to see what the storm did to it. These waves were 10 feet tall! Really neat to see ... but stay way, way, way back (very powerful!). Other parts of the community weren't as lucky as T & I ... a local causeway washed right out. The lake is/was where a fishing derby I coordinateeach Spring has been held for 15 years (I don't know what we'll do this Spring! Hopefully they'll fix the road, or instead of fishing for Trout, we'll be sharkin'!)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those waves are awesome!

lexa said...

They really need to put something out there on the ocean side to help stop the waves. Every big storm that poor lake gets filled with ocean water! They should have at least kept up rebuilding the rock wall that was there -- that helped a lot.

Donna M said...

Great pics!

Sarah B. said...

So strange to see our neighbors to the north getting hit by a hurricane before we do on the Gulf Coast! Glad you didn't suffer any damage.

JessaLu said...

Wow those are some big waves!!

I just caught up with you and your trip, etc. Lovely photos - and CUTE doggy! :o)