Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A change in taste

I've noticed lately that my taste is changing ... I've never had an interest in, or even paid any attention to, anything with owls on it, but suddenly - totally taken by them.

I've been eying up fabric - (this one is from Spoonflower - scrumptious!)
(this one I found on Hartsfabric's site)
(and this fabric is from Harts too!)

Owl material isn't all I've been taken with. I am thinking of gettin' my craft on by making one of these - as Amy at the Leaky Lounge blog has so kindly listed a tutorial for, or one of these appliqued on who knows what?!

Yumi Yumi's etsy Shop has been getting a lot of looks from me -- love it! Go look-see!

There are over 62,000 owl related items on Zazzle - and I've been working my way through the site, page by page (some pretty adorable stuff here! Even Shoes!), and I've even found (and bookmarked!) a blog devoted to all things owlie - My Owl Barn.

I find myself searching Ravelry for cute Owl patterns - this is adorable, and this is too cute for words, I love this and this makes me want to grab the needles and go-go-go!

Whoo-oo'd a thunk it? An old broad can change her taste (somebody hide my credit cards!)


lexa said...

I wanna learn crochet so I can make these:

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Owls are awesome!

Yvette said...

Owls are a hoot! Ha!
Seriously though, the egg cosy os a bit scary. I think it's the red eyes.

Lee said...

Well on Ravelry there is this neat sweater that has owls on it and it is very cute. Its called Owls, by Kate Davies.

blindpurls said...

Owls!! I am also on an owl kick. I want to knit Who? and Owlings I've crocheted Roman Sock's cute little Owlets a while ago too!