Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fair weather

This weekend is the weekend of one of our community's biggest festivals ... Privateer Fays, so there is a lot going on, and lots to do!

Sat. morning there was a parade, and I am part of a team that coordinates the float that my workplace puts in the parade. Our theme this year is "Queens County: Four Seasons of Fun" .. and our float was a lot of fun to build :) We had a snowman, gardening, fishing, playing at the beach kite flying all featured, all things that anyone of any ability could do. 100_0933.jpg We won 2nd place in the non-commercial category (first time in years we've won a prize for this parade ... lots of floats enter, and the competition is stiff!)

There were a lot of floats, marching bands and entertainment in the parade (but because I am in the parade, I didn't get to see much other than what was near us!) It is always a lot of fun, and the parade route is always packed with spectators!!

This year, after the parade was over, the RCMP brought in their helicopter and landed it in the downtown 100_0945.jpg... people could go see it, and I think a few people got to go for a ride ... pretty exciting!

The fair is in town for the festival ... a midway with some rides, concessions (cotton candy, candy apples ... mmmm!) and games of skill and chance (chance more so than skill, from what I saw! LOL!)all set up in the park near my house.
My nephews went on the Bouncy inflatables for a while, and had a great time.

The festival is a lot of fun, and goes on until Sunday, when it concludes with fireworks ... good times :)


Donna M said...

Your float looks great! Congrats on placing 2nd!
We missed the parade, I thought it was at 1 not 11 so it was over when we got there!

lexa said...

I was working, so I got to see the copter come and go. My oldest took my camera over and got some pictures. Didn't know they were doing a limited amount of rides at the time - he would have freaked out, he wants to be a pilot.