Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ahhh ... spring weather!

Every day for the past week, I've been seeing these irises and crocuses (croci?) on my way out the door to work, and haven't had time to slow down and enjoy them. Today it is dazzling outside, so I grabbed the camera, stooped down and had a good look, inspired by the fact that they might not be here too much longer. I love early spring flowers ... they really enforce the idea that the cold and gloomy days of winter will soon be behind us and we'll have colour in our lives again, soon!

Purple has always been one of my favorite colours, and as such, my gardens have a lot of purple flowers ... but occasionally, I do add other colours , in small amounts ;)
The only two white crocus in either of the front beds!

I am pretty sure I would have startd out with more than that, but haven't planted crocuses in years ... so am happy that they escaped being eaten by bugs and squirrels!

Another sure sign of spring is empty house syndrome -- every weekend that T is not working, he isn't at home ... he gets up, makes our breakfast, and is off to the woods on his tractor for the day.

He's pretty industrious, and loves being in the woods - today he called me to come out and join him for a break (he said I'll get pneumonia if I don't get some fresh air and sunshine soon! What can I say, I like to putter around the house;)

He cut several load of logs ... pretty big wood, eh?

And because I know one or two of you have people in your lives who enjoy the tractor ... an artistic shot of T's big red tractor ...

Enjoy the sunshine!Winter is done!


lexa said...

I love all this sunshine, but I sure do wish the wind would stop howling so much!!

Donna M said...

Your croci look wonderful! Very springlike and cheerful!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Im really jealous of your flowers - we've still got cold and snow here :(