Thursday, 7 April 2011

Catching up

aka "I hate when other people do this, but I am going to do this because I have fallen so far behind!"
One thing that always bothers me when reading blogs is when someone doesn't post for weeks, then all of a sudden, there are 3 or 4 blog posts on days when there were no posts. Makes me feel like I am losing it, esp. when I check certain blogs daily, and KNOW there was no post there ... and suddenly there are 3.

If you checked two days ago, my most recent post was about getting ready to go to the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat .. now I have 2 other posts on April 1 and 2 that weren't there and then this post too! --- sorry 'bout that folks! the posts were written, just needed photographic proof that they happened, so I added the pictures and posted them dated when they were written. Sorta like warping the space time continuum ... but at least the posts aren't delayed any longer than they needed to be.

So with that out of the way - I can chat about what I did over the weekend ... the Retreat was everything I have come to expect AND more :) It is amazing how much stress and life stuff just falls off you when you walk into a room with people who think like you do. Amazing really, how invigorating it is!

I went this year with a couple of friends ... J , who I have known for a while and have gone Retreating with before, and Marti, who has been a friend for 3 or 4 years (really? seems like we've known each other longer than that!) and was a MFAR newbie, and my roomie for the weekend. I could not have asked for better friends to go with ... its been a while since I laughed until my sides hurt, and tears streamed down my face (and happily this happened several times this weekend! So good for the mind to let all the happy flow!)
I already posted a pic of me being silly ... in my swanky new hand knit vest but here I am again
And it wouldn't be right to not post pics of my coconspiritors in craft ...

and J

Whenever I go to one of these crafty things, I like to take knitting that will allow me to knit merrily away, without paying much attention to what's on the needles, so I can chat and look around at what everyone else is working on ... 'cause I am nosey :) Usually, my project of choice is a plain old vanilla sock in a jazzy colourway, to keep me interested. This year I took my Self Imposed Sock Club choice for the month of March (my Way Late Watermelon socks) as I was behind (because I had knit a vest instead!). Pretty yarn, fairly easy and colourful enough to keep me interested.
It turns out other folks liked them too ... as Marti pointed out ... it got to be pretty funny, me knitting away on my mindless but pretty-to-the-point-of distraction 3x1 rib as person after person stopped to fondle the sock, dragging their friends over to see it, while Marti clickedy clicked away on her beautiful cabled-all-over-and-actually-required-some-attention socks which were getting no love. After the third or fourth time this happened - I casually mentioned to Marti and J that, really it was puzzling me as to why my sock, which was really simple, was getting all the ooohs, while Marti's socks, which were complicated and gorgeous, were getting the cold shoulder ... Marti and J had noticed too! LOL! so from then on, whenever someone would drag a friend over, exclaiming "see, these are the socks I was telling you about!" I'd say, "Its a self-striping yarn, but it is turning out quite pretty, eh?", and then the three of us would laugh our asses off as soon as people were out of earshot. I guess bright colours trump hard work every time ... and in my family we have a little joke we tease with - to make it in life, you can be smart, or you can be pretty.
My socks are pretty (aka - not very smart)- and that's ok (and I am already on the lookout for a yarn to maintain the level of popularity this year's sock had - so bring your A game, Marti and J! LOL!). It was also sort of funny that at one point a lady came over to us, and started raving about "how nice that sock is, and I love the colour" and Marti kept knitting away, not looking up, knowing it was about my sock ... 'cept it wasn't about my sock, and when Marti finally looked up and realized she said "oh ... you were talking to me?", and started chatting her up. I was glad that her sock finally was getting the attention it was due!

I managed to get the one sock done, but ran out of steam with the other. Spinning was done by Marti - who got a lot accomplished, J did a whole bunch of quilting on two tree skirts she is making for friends, and me ... I am nosey, so I got not a lot done!

But wow ... What a lot of inspiration in one space!

Oh - and inspired by the Yarn Harlot, there was a yarn bombing
(icord, made from roving Marti was spinning) ... left as a memento so the Atlantica Oak Island Resort staff remember the weekend the knitters, spinners, weavers, felters, crocheters, quilters and other crafters took over their lovely resort.
And plans in the works for how to make sure they know we were there after we visit next year!

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