Friday, 18 November 2011

If you are not interested in owls, there is nothing to see here ... move along.

Yeah - I have been at it again. The owl craze is not over, I have yet to see the end of their charm, and I still want to do nothing but owls.

These ones are the latest editions
.. I am sure you don't NEED to hear the details, but if you want them, they are on my Ravelry page (I am Heddy over there). I knit 4 owls for a work friend who wanted to buy them as Christmas gifts for her god-daughter and nephews ... she wanted 3, so I knit 4 to give her some choice.
The 4 she got to choose from are these guys
... and the only one I have left (after much deliberation over which 3 to pick) is the taller green one. So, because I can't have him be alone, I have another owl in the works ... yeah - I know ... I know.

I have been working on other things too ...
these elf slippers were for a woman who wants them for her daughter (she is 2, so I put anti slip dots on the bottom in red glitter paint :) sure to be a hit!).

I've also been working away on Christmas gifts ... a pair of socks for my Dad are on the needles - no picture yet (just a simple 2 x 2 rib, nothing fancy, knit in Kroy), and some other things that can not be named (I don't know who has this blog address, or who checks in ... so ix-nay on the esents-pray alk-tay. Wink wink nudge nudge, say no more, say no more).

I do have to get my arse in gear for the craft sale next weekend ... I thought I had something else on the go that would prevent me from being there, but so far, no news on that front, so I guess I have some knitting to do this weekend and this week ... my poor wrists will hate me! LOL! That's what I get for being a procrastinator! This year, I am taking a laid back approach - whatever I can get done is good enough (usually, I work myself into a frenzy, trying to have "enough" but this year, whatever I can comfortably do is going to have to be "enough". I guess you could say, enough is enough ;) You never know, maybe I will be busy next weekend and unable to go - I don't know, it is all a bit confusing now.

I didn't make it to Knit Night this weeek, but I did the week before, after a very long absence, and I realized how much I miss going (this week I planned to go but had to work in the early evening, and the company my husband works at has been having some difficulties of late so I came home after working instead of going to Knit Nite, as the union was voting that night and I wanted to be home in case the vote did not go the way we hoped) (he's not in the union, so no vote for him). It has been fairly stressful over the past few months because of that and a few other things going on in our lives. I won't go into everything ... just that is has been a bit more challenging lately to be cheery and social -- but my knitting buddies made me feel so welcomed, loved and cared for that I am wondering why I behave like a hermit when I have such a great support system!

ooops ... a bit off topic. sorry about that.

I think that's about all for now ... but I will have more to show you soon, once I get a bit of crafting for the craft sale completed this week -- stay tuned!


Donna M said...

Still loving the owls!! Hope you get enough knit up for your craft sale!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Don't apologize for the owls - they are awesome!