Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Warm Fuzzies

A lot of the things I have knit for myself and others have stories associated with them, and memories caught up in the stitches ... I remember what significant events (or insignificant ones)were going on in my life when I was knitting something (I have socks that I knit when I as at concerts, baby gifts for friends knit while riding a train, hats knit while sitting in the woods watching my husband cut our winter firewood ... most things I knit, I can remember what was happening in my life while they were being created. And I like to wear the things I have made, and think about what I was doing when they were made).

So ... as I mentioned in my previous post, over CXhristmas holidays, we had a major life changing event happen, something we had been waiting for over a decade to happen ... and I wanted to capture some of those memories. When we got the call that we could go and meet Mr. Monkeypants, i was told that we might have to be in Newfoundland where he lived for a month or more ... so my thoughts were of course what should I take to knit. Every evening I worked on my "Momma Socks", a very simple vanilla sock pattern (which, with all the excitement, exhaustion and changes taking place in all of our lives, was the most complex pattern i could handle!). These socks were started the day we arrived, Dec. 26 and finished a day or so after we returned home on Jan. 9. Thankfully, all went well and we were all able to return to our home together as a family after just 2 weeks.
In the interest of being fair, I wanted T to have something tangible to remember the early days of parenthood as well (you know, because men are sooo into that sort of thing ... LOL!) so I cast on a pair of Daddy Socks as soon as I finished my socks. The yarn had been carefully packed with my knitting and had made the trip to Newfoundland, but because we came home, his socks weren't begun until we were safe and sound in our own house. The Daddy Socks took a bit longer to knit ... cast on a day or so after finishing the Momma's , and finished last night (Feb. 7).

I had visions of having our socks being photographed with Mr. Monkeypants serving as Vanna White, but as those of you who have children know, things do not always go according to plan ... luckily, our oldest cooperated, and you have the lovely photo above. Below are excerpts from the would be photo shoot ...


lexa said...

LOL! -- He's just TOO cute! I know you guys waited a long time for a little one that wasn't covered in fur, but you DEFINITELY got the "right" one! (Not that an animal is quite the same as a kid, but when we wanted a dog the SPCA lady said, "You'll know the right one when you see her." We looked at many, many dogs, then one day she said she had three new dogs up on the site. I saw Jewel, and it was like, "That's the one!" And she was. W was meant to be yours!)

Steph said...

I cannot read any of your posts without getting teary-eyed. Maybe because I know what it's like to wait so long (we waited for ages before trying - which was our own stupid doing) or maybe because my best childhood friend was adopted and I know quite a few other people who were adopted.

A few of the KOLers have knit "labour socks" - socks started when they went into labour. I do believe that those beautiful Mama socks fall into that category - labour of love socks.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the series of socks photos that end with the socks abandoned!

Dee said...

ok...your little man is ADORABLE!! Just came over to sah Hi! I got your message on my blog and I can't wait to see the quilt!! Let me know when you get it back from the quilter!