Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Getting started

well ... this is something I have been thinking about doing for quite a while, and now I am really here, doing it!

I really like the idea of an online "diary' where I can record my successes, failures and frustrations in knitting, as well as a snippets of my life - sort of of an internet "Scrapbook" (except I hope this is something I will actually find time to do -- I had such great hopes for scrapbooking, but they ended up scrapped! I am just too slow at it!) A blog seems perfect for me ... instant gratification!

I think that's why I like knitting so much -- I can see progress right from the moment I put yarn to needle! When I taught myself to knit almost 5 years ago, I was totally addicted to it, and found it hard to find time to do anything else. Now, work keeps me so busy that I find it hard to find time to finish much -- I have a lot of UFOs kicking around, and a stash that is growing and growing, because when I see a pattern I like, or a ball that catches my eye , I pick it up with the plan of creating!

This blog, I hope, will help me actually get back into "making" again. I already feel accountable, and really should go and get back to the Wavy scarf I am knitting, hopefully for the Red Scarf Project, although I am liking it so much, that I am considering keeping it for myself! (I rarely make for me ... it is usually gifted to nieces, nephews and my husband! I can't think of the last time I made myself anything except socks!)

I'll post again in a day or so.

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