Saturday, 13 January 2007

Getting on Track

I have decided that 2007 is the year I get back on track! My house, my life, all of it is going to bbe done better! I spent most of today trying to get the house organized (succeeded in one room ... working on the others!) I want to be tidy, more organized and free of clutter. 5 bags of clothes and linens are going to the Salvation Army (I had 70 sweaters!! there is no need of it ... I have now pared down to 35 and elimatated any that are more than 10 years old! -- baby steps! lol!)

Once I get the house organized ... onto my life - I want to get active again (walking and maybe an exercise class !) I want to have some energy, and in the past 4 years, I've lost my drive. I used to have lots of energy, and wanted to gogogogogo! Now I am a lazy bum ... but I am getting back on track!

Then onto my stash -- I have yarn poked into every basket, closet and bag in the house ... I am going to start to make things out of the yarn I buy! I was using it as a pick me up ... preety yarn made the day a little brighter! Welll -- there is no reason for it! I have a great life ... I just need to get organized and get rid of the clutter.

I am going to post picture of every item I make in 2007 -- the stash is going to diminish! I am going to be productive! Friends and Family will reap the rewards of the New Heddy! No more cup (or bowl) half empty -- it is half full and tidy! grins!

Cheers! Out with the old ... in with a new way of life!

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