Sunday, 14 January 2007

A bit about the pets

This is Louie (Aka "Louie the Lip")... she is our first "baby" , just turned 14 at Christmas. Very Cuddly and lovable with us, but a real introvert when company comes ... the dogs get all rowdy and it makes her timid!

Elvis is our second oldest (she turned 13 in August), and is a wonderful old lady ... such a sweet gentle thing, and thinks she is a chihuahua (loves to be in your face, and as close as possible at all times). In her day, she was a fantastic frisbee dog ... but now suffers the consequences of her active youth -- arthritis has slowed her down quite a bit in the last 2 years or so. She was really lame until ...
Duffy came along!

Duffy just turned one in September, and is responsible for breathing new life into our two old ladies! She is a ball of energy, but treats the old girls with respect (most of the time!) When she was a puppy, I knit for her -- and she wore her sweaters with attitude
But now that she is an adult dog, I have to find something a little easier to get on and off her (she now weighs over 50 pounds!)

She was quite active as a pup, and into all my yarn stashes, and quite interested in my knitting, so I took a break from it while she was young, and now she has no interest in the string and sticks ... so I am able to knit again!

Going to work more on the Wavy scarf for the Red Scarf Project Deadline is soon! I will post a picture when it is done.

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