Saturday, 12 May 2007

Class is today

Swatch knit? Check!
Knitting Bag packed? Check!
Excitement Level set to full throttle? Double Check!

Today is "Lucy Neatby Day"!! I am going to a Lucy Neatby Workshop in Mahone Bay this morning -- it is Phoenix from the Ashes, and Lexa is going with me, as well as 2 friends from where I work. (I have to be honest -- I could barely sleep, I was so excited!! -- my non-knitting friends really don't get this)

I haven't a clue what to expect, I am just really excited to get to go, and have some knitting fun, and a chance to shop with yarny friends. I'll post this afternoon or evening a bit about the day ... and maybe show off some new yarn or needles (I am sure I will be inspired to add to the yarn collection both by Neatby, and by the knitting friends who are going-- or simply because I am a little obsessed! lol).

I gotta go figure out what to wear and pick up the girls!

1 comment:

wendy said...

how exciting - look forward to hearing how it went (and seeing the swag!)