Monday, 30 April 2007

Somthing fun and new!

Do you like? I am getting a tshirt made of this (the shirt will be pink) I am pretty excited -- It is my first knitting T-shirt (a friend of mine who runs an embroidery/tshirt trandfer company is making it for me!

** Edit: 12 days to Neatby

I got my Sockapalooa pal assigned to me ... she is from the US and A and that's about all I can say, in the event she is reading blogs tryting to find out who is her pal (oh, and she has the same size foot as me -- freaky!)

** Edit: Have I mentioned that the camera is out of commission? Have I mentioned that I miss it? I have some really cute pics of Curly, and the toddler sock I am working on , and the Hederas that are giving me a headache ... and I would like to share (T. took the camera and the dock to work a week ago for "stuff" and hasn't hooked it all back up again, and it is making me a little cranky!) I want to post something other than old pictures and graphics! (ok -- the tshirt graphic was fun to post -- it is new and no one has seen it before, but I am tired of the old pics I have been posting this week to entertain you and me!)


lexa said...

That's pretty cool!

My Sock Pal is in Canada, and her foot is a little longer than mine, maybe .5" narrower, not much. So if I make a pair that fits me they should fit her with a little added foot length.

I'll probably have a new post tomorrow sometime. Got a pair of slippers finished, and got a bag drying. Got to make my swatch sometime this week and assemble my goodies for next Saturday.

I didn't see any forlorn babies in your upstairs window today when I went for my walk. I'll look tomorrow morning (if it isn't raining).

pixies pal said...

Hi Heddy,

This is your sockapalooooza pal!!! I ordered some yarn yesterday - it was hard to decide so I had to pick a couple of colours. Once they get here and I have them in hand I'll be able to decide which one to use and which pattern, too.

Happy Knitting.

lexa said...

Guess what came home with me today -- that new green 07 Austerman! Got a pattern picked out for it already (for me, of course!). Another lady bought four balls, the other pinky one that you got. I wanted that one, but I guess I snoozed too long. Maybe one will come in the next variety bag. :) (Oh, and I also got a single 50g Regia Mini Ringel, but that's for Christmas socks for friends' son.)