Sunday, 29 April 2007

Countdown to Neatby!

In 13 days, I will be taking part in a Lucy Neatby workshop! I haven't started my homework ... gotta get that done! Gotta tell you, I am pretty stoked to do the "Phoenix from the Ashes" workshop ... I make lots of mistakes! LOL! and this should give me the comfort level to fix them. (it always drives me bonkers when I look at a nearly FO, and see an inch from the start a huge mistake!

This will be my first knitting workshop, and aside from teaching friends to knit, this will be my first time knitting in front of other knitters! I am a bit nervous (I have been told that I "hold my needles funny" by family members, trying to help me knit faster -- but I have tried knitting the way the diagrams in books show, and I get cramps in my hands! so people will just have to deal with my "uniqueness"!) Me and Lexa and two friends from work are going, and it should be a fun day -- morning in the workshop, then some lunch and shopping a bit in Mahone Bay!

This is Louie ... for no other reason than I think she's beautiful, and doesn't get nearly enough "play" on this blog! (and I have nothing Knitterly to show ... how about a view from our garden in Sept. 2004? -- I am stretching here! lol but it was pretty and warm that day (and it is cold and rainy here today!)

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lexa said...

Yes, I am looking forward to the workshop. I've never been to anything like that, either. I, too, have been told that I hold my needles funny. I know I don't do most things the "proper" way, I'm sure. That's why I get nervous showing anyone how to do certain things, cuz I'm sure I don't do things "by the book". I can usually fix my boo-boos fairly well, but I'm hoping this will show me how to do it much more easily! (And I've never had to fix anything too far back. I'd like to know the best way to do it, should the case ever arise.)

Looks like we're going to have crud weather for most of the week. I hope it's nice next weekend so we can trim our hedge. It's starting to get buds, and I want it done before it grows too much. (Easier to do before it's all leafed-out.)

Gotta get ready to go to MIL's for supper. Must have guilted them into calling when I ran into her on Thursday at the grocery store. Have to take some basic knitting with me for the drive (to Sable River). Got some more SWS for another bag, probably take that.

Have a good evening! Work on those Hederas, wanna see a picture!