Saturday, 28 April 2007

Quickie ...

Just a quick post, in case you were wondering if I fell off the planet or something! I have been plugging away on my Hederas, and am a bit disappointed with them, once I finish and post a picture, you'll see why! I started a pair of kids socks, and am not really sure how long to make them, as I have no kid to measure them on! Its been a rough week or 2 of knitting! lol!

Stopped by our lys last night after work to see Lexa, (who got a new truck -- really nice!!!) and I picked up some yarn (because you know, I NEED sock yarn -- as I really don't have any in the house!) I thought the colour (4976) was pretty and I have never made cotton socks -- Mother's Day is on the way, and I may try a quick pair or 2.

I entered this contest ... she is a fast knitter, but they are long stockings -- so it is not an easy guess as to when she'll be done! Beautiful work, and a really nice heirloom piece for her wedding (and the STR yarn is a gorgeous colour too) plus ... I enjoy her blog because she cracks me up! Great sense of humour!

That's probly it for now ... no knitting related pictures (the camera is in "out of house use" so I have no new stuff ... but how about this old shot?
March 30th, 2004 -- This is our niece 3 years ago (only 1.5 years old! ... what a little sweetie!) in a "stylin' " colourblock cardigan I made her (I can't remember what pattern book this came from or what yarn I used - possibly Patons Canadiana). It was fun to knit - each colour was a different pattern, and it knit up fast, because of the different colours and looking forward to the new texture. Anyway ... enjoy this little snippet from my knitting past!


lexa said...

There's another contest on here:

I was thinking last night that I should assemble all of my sock yarn together and take a pic. But hubby reads my blog sometimes, and he'll have a conniption if he sees it all together.

I like the colorblock cardigan. I really have to make those sweaters I have planned for the boys. I think the Oldest One needs the largest size, and then I'll probably still have to knit it longer. I think by the time I get around to making the big truck sweater for the Littlest One I'll have to do size 8 instead of 6 so it fits! (Even if it's big at least he'll get some use of it.) Maybe I'll start them soon, they're only stocking stitch! (Save the truck one for last!)

Have a nice weekend!

lexa said...

Lucy Neatby pattern -- you should make T a pair of these! LOL (We can get the pattern, you know....)