Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I Love, Love, Triple Love This Colour!

When I walked into my LYS and saw this colour (natural green) in SWS, I had to have it! Orange, green and brown together in one yarn was just screaming my name! After seeing how nicely the SWS felts in Lexa's bags and slippers (which I can't find a picture of on her blog!), I knew this was going to become a Booga bag of my very own! I have had the Booga bag link saved in my computer's Favorites Links for as long as I have had a computer, but was waiting to find a yarn I loved to make it.

I cast on the bottom on Friday evening, picked up the stitches around the edge and had 5 rows knit before bedtime (all so I would have an easy mindless knit -- which would allow for lots of chatting and little concentration on the knitting -- for the WWKIP Day being held at the LYS, hosted by Lexa). It is a really quick bag to knit-- all that was left to do last night was to sew in the ends and the felting!

It was a nice break from sock knitting, and I am very excited for it to be felted and dry so I can use it. The wool is a but of a nuisance to work with as it isn't really twisted so tends to be easy to split if you aren't paying attention, but it is so pretty, I'm ok with it!

This is it pre felting (on the left) and this is it post felting, pre assembly (on the right) -- quite a difference, eh? And the picture below is the bag all finished and ready to go shopping (a little damp, but rarin' to go!) - I thought the cat toy in the 2 pics above would give some perspective of the size change, and that the pen in the picture below might show the actual size of the purse. The colour of the bag is most similar to the the bottom picture -- the hues are quite intense after felting (the one on the upper right is really way way way off the actual colour)..

The SWS really felts fast -- It was only in the washer for 10 minutes and felted fully (much faster than Patons Classic Wool). It is a small purse, just big enough for my wallet, cell phone and glasses -- but that's all I need! And it is only slightly smaller than the finished size the pattern says it should be, so I am pleased!

I picked up 2 more balls of SWS in Natural Geranium to make a tea cozy and hot water bottle cover for T's Grandmother's birthday ... she lives in Newfoundland (in a village called Paradise -- can you imagine being able to say you live in Paradise? and her village is as close to it as you can get! very tranquil and lovely!) My father-in-law is going for a visit on her birthday in 2 weeks (lots of time to get them done, even with having to do some modifications re: pattern due to the different weight yarn). The hot water bottle cover is so cute ... it shouldn't be hard to make something similar from the SWS that fits the bottle! I guess now I am on an SWS kick! It is really pretty!


lexa said...

The bag looks great! Don't get it too close to me or you may lose it. Can't make any guarantees, you know.

I've made two or three of those exact hot water bottle covers. I used Bernat Denimstyle. I know I gave one to my mother, and I can't remember if I did one for MIL or not. I know I made at least two. That was quite awhile back, probably close to the beginning of my blogging.

There's one:

I knew it was close to Mother's Day.

Mary called and said Karen placed a Briggs & Little order. We need other stuff more than that. Maybe someone was in and needed something. They were looking for the order book today and couldn't find it. I had a bunch of Kroy self striping marked in it as well as some other stuff. I hope if she found it that she ordered it. We need more sock yarn! I'm sure she'll think I have too much marked down.

Donna said...

Your booga bag came out beautifully and the colours are so gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it all assembled. I would have guessed you assembled it before felting but obviously not!
Felting projects are great fun because they do up so fast and are so amazing once they are felted.