Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I should be in Sales!

I really should -- LOL!
(to read breaking news ... read edit at the bottom of the blogpost!)
I took my new Booga Bag (totally done, but quite damp still) to work this morning to show my girls there -- a lot of them are knitters and seem to enjoy seeing the stuff I make, so I thought they might like to see the bag. There were a lot of "Oohs and Ahhs" and a little parade of people visiting my area of the office for a peek. One woman even said she hopes I get her name in the office "Secret Santa" -- tee hee! (I had her a few years ago, but didn't think she was the type who would like something handknit -- I know now!)

There are a few girls who are interested enough in it that they asked where I got the yarn, the pattern and how to "felt" -- and one of them, a good friend of mine (remember K who went to the Lucy Neatby class?) actually went to the store and bought all the supplies to make one! Hers will be in the Patons SWS Natural Geranium (sooo pretty!!) -- and K is such a fast knitter and so good at knitting, I bet she has the bag done and felted before Friday morning! And her completed bag will probably be the push for the girls who are considering making one to take the plunge! (I don't know why it gives me such glee to see more people take up knitting, but it really does excite me!)

I should give an update on how K is doing with her sock knitting -- she cast on her first sock ever on the way home from Lucy Neatby's course (finished the pair about a week later! The force is strong in her! ;) --- and cast on immediately for her second pair. They are in one of the denimy blue Austerman colours, being knit for her Dad and she only has the toe of second sockleft to knit! The woman is a phenom with the needles, and such a sweetheart to boot! (She is kicking my butt on the sock production thing, but is so fun that I can't wish a plague of splintery bamboo needles or a skein of knotty yarn on her!!)

When I was at the LYS today, the woman who owns it told me they are planning to do a Yarn of the Month promotion, where they will feature a different yarn each month at a special price, and make sure that there are patterns and guidance for people to help them knit projects from the featured yarn -- cool idea and she seemed really excited by the idea, so I hope they do it for a while! I think they are starting off with some of the acrylics to see how it goes, but I am hoping they do a month in the winter with Patons Classic Wool! Imagine all the fun stuff you could make with that -- felted projects, sweaters, purses, .... I love the Classic Wool (and it comes in so many nice colours! Our LYS has quite a few of the colours, and I am hoping they will get a few more -- Paprika, Leaf Green and any of the "That's ..." colours would be fun for younger knitters!).

Sorry, no pictures today ... perhaps I will have something next time I post!

**Edit: Well, after I wrote up this blurb, I picked up the needles and started to knit since I had a bit less than half ball of yarn left from my Booga, thinking maybe I would knit a change purse, or cell phone case, but not really sure what I would end up with, since cyphering the math on percentage of shrinkage is beyond my capabilities. So I knit. And I knit some more. I knit what looks like a little pocket, then a smaller pocket, using every last scrap of yarn in the ball. The two small pockets are bouncing around in the washer as I type, trying to become what is desired, but not really sure if they are up to the challenge ... pics in mere moments! The suspense is KILLING me!

The way I look at it ... you can't win them all! The little change purse-type pocket didn't make out so well, but the cell phone-cozy-type pocket worked out better ... I am getting a new phone at the end of the month (likely a flip phone jobby or a Razor) either of which which will be more compact than the phone I have. Regardless, the cell phone cozy will work ... the change purse -- meh, not so much! sorry for the crappy picture quality on that one -- very dark room!


lexa said...

We are doing the Yarn of the Month thing. I couldn't believe that Karen was actually into it. We are starting with Canadiana and running it til July 31 since we have a lot of it. Next may be Decor for August (25% wool, 75% acrylic). September may end up being the Shetland Chunky and Tweeds, then October Classic Wool since it will be getting into cooler months. From then it may be some of the Briggs & Little cuz we sell a fair bit of that in the winter for socks, hats, and mittens. It will be 10% off all in stock yarn, and 15% off for Client Card holders.

I hope K's bag turns out as well and sends throngs of Region workers to the doors demanding SWS! The more we sell, the more Karen orders yarn in general! Can't wait til the next order comes in, maybe the end of next week. I wanted some of the Kroy Tutti Frutti for my Sockapalooza Pal.

PS. The new Knitty is up. Four new sock patterns...

lexa said...

I wish I woulda tried cell cozies with my leftovers. Maybe sometime, I still have the Noro I used for my bag. Maybe when I make the other Noro bag I'll try so I don't have to wash just the one little thing. (I'm cheap that way! Uses power, oil, and water, all stuff I hafta pay for!)

Dorothy said...

Somewhere I found a pattern for a smaller version of the Booga Bag - Companion Bag I think it was called. Found it!
My daughter is knitting a felted clutch purse for her "woolen object" 4-H entry. :)
Don't buy a Razor - I had one for about 2 hours before I returned it to the store. Of course, I wanted to use it as a music player, and there is no way to download music onto it that we could find.
Booga Bags are addictive and fun!

Donna said...

Your finished bag is gorgeous! It really looks good. No wonder you have got all your work friends wanting to try it out!
Very clever to use your leftovers like that even if they didn't both work out!
Good luck to your friend with her first. She too will become addicted to felting!