Thursday, 14 June 2007

They Should Call her "Hot Needles"!

K finished her second sock of her second pair ever last night ... she emailed me to let me know, and to advise me that she had started her Booga Bag. This morning she showed me her I-cord strap for said Booga, along with a 1/3 finished Booga. Upon her return from lunch, I got an excited email "I am on row 32 -- 32 more to go! YAY!" -- I may have said it before .... but the girl is a phenom! The yarn has not even been living at her house for a full 24 hours yet, and she is probably done the bag already!! And she works a full time job (which I would like to add she was at work 1.5 hours earlier than anyone else today -- and generally is there that early every day, and stays late nightly! Where does she get the time to knit?) I am delighted that she gets such joy from knitting (her whole face lights up when she talks about her projects and she has an ear to ear grin! Makes me happy to see her so content!) I am happy with what I get done -- even though it amazes me how fast she is!

I went shopping on my lunch break today and found (finally!) a teapot for T's grandmother, so now the knitting of the cozy can begin! The pot is cute -- too bad it will be 'dressed' most of the time! and another plus, the brown on the pot is a perfect match for the brown stripes in the Natural Geranium yarn. How lucky!
I am about halfway done the first side of the Tea Cozy ... it is knitting pretty fast (in a 2 x 2 rib - nothing fancy!) I am looking forward to finishing it up and moving on to the hot water bottle cover ... not sure why, but I have been wanting to make one for MONTHS! I think they are so cute (and practical -- I hate the scalding feeling of the hot bottle directly on me, and it's even worse in the morning with a cold , clammy water bottle touching your foot or on your belly! YUCKO!)

When I was a kid, we lived in a big , old house with no heat upstairs in the bedrooms - in winter, it was so cold in the mornings you could see your breath and there would be frost on the walls. Anyhow, Mom would pile our beds up with blankets (so many they were a real weight on you as you slept), flannel sheets and flannel or fleece footed Jammies to help us not be cold at night, and to help us to get into the icy cold beds, about a half hour before, she would run upstairs with about 4 glass pint rum bottles filled with hot water and put them in our beds -- they would burn your foot if you bumped them early in the night, so she would slip each of the bottles into a wool sock -- not fancy, but it worked! Maybe that's why I like the idea of the fancy-schmancy hotwater bottle cover. Not sure if that's why ... but I really am looking forward to making one!

* Edit: Blogger decided to allow me to post pictures! Yay!


lexa said...

Man, she is fast! I know I seem to get a fair bit done, but I only work part-time. Well, probably really less than part-time! I have to finish that drab, grey sock before I will allow myself to start anything else. Then I may start Sockapalooza socks. I'd like to have them finished by the end of the month so I can spend the rest of the time getting little goodies to go in with her socks before the August 2 shipping deadline.

lexa said...

One of my ex-boyfriends lived in a house like that. The bathroom and hallway had an open grate for the heat downstairs to come upstairs. I stayed over a few times, and boy was it COLD!

That teapot cozy is going to go quite quickly by the looks of it. That's such a pretty color.