Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Nothing but Nothin'

That is a popular expression here at our house in response to the question "Whatcha doing?" -- "Nothing but nothin' !" This has been a busy week, but not much has been accomplished! I am plugging away on my SP3 sock - knitting the heel flap now on sock #2, and contemplating making something for the new baby -- he is pretty cute, and I like to knit baby things (and am eying up the sweater the Harlot is obsessed with! Very sweet!)

Speaking of the Harlot, Alyson over at the Yo-Yo Knits is going to see the Harlot as part of her honeymoon while in Victoria (I am eagerly anticipating her returning from the honeymoon to regale us with the Yarn Harlot's Victoria stop on the book tour! which it seems is, coincidence(?), taking place on World Wide Knit in Public Day!

The LYS that Lexa works at is hosting a WWKIP event on Saturday afternoon -- I believe it starts around 1 p.m. -- if it's sunny we are gonna bring lawn chairs and sit beside the store, knitting away! If it rains -- we'll be inside! It should be fun to watch all the non-knitters wondering why we are "doing that" outdoors, en mass! heheh! I think I will work on my sock for the SP3 -- it needs a few more outings before it is finished, so it will have a tale to tell when it finally arrives (in August) at its new home! And what better tale to tell than taking part in a WWKIP event!?!

For some bizarre reason -- blogger is not letting me post pictures this evening! Another time I guess!


lexa said...

I've been getting a lot of questions from people about what is WWKIP Day! I did our sandwich board sign over and have that on one side and the yarn sale on the other. It's supposed to be sunny and warm, so I must remember to take my camping chair. I'll probably be working on vanilla socks for the store. When I knit at the store I try to always work on a store project instead of a personal one.

Nova Knitter was in today, and she loves the Harlot's baby jacket, too. She had some more yarn that she got but can't stand, so guess who inherited it?

We got all of the Patons SWS colors in stock now. Nothing else new except for one new color of Patons Bohemian and a bright teal Classic Wool. She's supposed to be placing another small yarn order in a couple of weeks. I have four striping Kroy sock yarns marked down, so I hope she gets them. I wanted to send one of the colors to my Sockapalooza pal as part of her package.

Donna said...

Love your baby pics. He is gorgeous! Is his mother Tracy? I think she went to school with one of my kids.
I broke down and ordered the sweater kit from Lettuce Knit today. They only had the boy colours and I want to make it for a neighbour's son and his wife, who are having their first. Plus I think that colour could be used for either where the other is definitely girly!
Maybe I'll see you at WWKIP at Lexa's shop. If I can find a fold up lawn chair!