Sunday, 24 June 2007

Summer Yarn

Ever since the new Knitty came out, I have been wanting to knit some summer socks -- lacey, cotton, summery colours! All I have in the stash is wool, wool and more wool, and the lys doesn't have much right now in the way of colours in cotton sock yarn, so I convinced T to go for a drive yesterday to Have a Yarn, and I got me some new yarn (Regia Cotton Java Colour in #1184 and # 1177) so pretty and summery!

And of course, I needed a few more pairs of needles (my "Night and Day" Hederas are still using up 2 sets of my favorite needles, so I picked up a couple of sets of Pony Pearls too!) All in all a good day of yarn petting and retail therapy!

I have fallen sooooo far behind on the Plunge -- I made a pair of quick infant socks (the pattern is from one of those pattern a day calendars - in Austerman Step in Gras -- cute, but it is too warm for little nephew Owen to wear wool socks, and by Fall , he will be too big for them, so I guess they will go in the gift drawer. That brings me up to 6 pairs - I have to get motivated and finish a few of the ones I have on the needles - the "Night and Day" Hederas and the ones for my Sockapalooza pal are nearly done -- the Hederas need a day or 2 of focussed time, and the ones for my pal only need an afternoon or evening and they are finished.

But I hear the call of the summer yarn ... It is no fun to knit in wool, knowing it won't be fit to wear them until Fall! The cool feel of cotton is calling my name -- and I want some ankle socks, cute little cotton ankle socks, in pretty summery colours. The new yarn is so pretty and soft -- forgive me SIP but I need a new project to inspire me -- I haven't left you forever, just for a week or so!


lexa said...

Yes, it's getting pretty warm to be working with wool, isn't it? I didn't get much done at the campground. I got one of Dad's socks done to the start of the heel, that's it. Too much chasing the little bugger around. I'd like to get the Briggs & Little sweater done for the store by Privateer Days and the reunion, but I dunno... There's still a lot to do on it, and it's pure wool. I want summer socks, too! And every time I look in my stash I see all this sock yarn, most of it with a pattern in mind, just waiting for their turns...

PS Our yarn order arrived Friday. It was still at the post office when I left at 2:30. I'm trying to get Karen to do another Austerman order. I have a basket of it on the counter, and two balls of it sold on Friday. We need new colors (again)!

Donna said...

Love the colour of your new sock yarn! Can't wait to see them done up! I must say I don't enjoy working with wool in the summer time either. That's why I am doing the 2nd Vest in the Silk Garden.
Have a great week!