Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A couple of contests to enter

Edit: This seems to be a very contesty week in blogland -- lots of blogs are having them, and I want to spread the love these people are giving! so here are some contests going on ....

a A contest to enter and the prize is ... yarn! Stop by Ali's blog (Skeins her Way ) and make a post about when you learned to knit, and tell her how you found out about the contest, and you could win yarn! Scrumptuous Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino!
You have until July 16th -- so get over there and enter! (don't forget to tell her how you found out about the contest -- that way I get a chance at a runner up prize -- and if you post on your blog about the contest and people say they found out from your blog -- you could win the runner up prize! So you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on!)

a This one is interesting .... and will give you a giggle! Kids are so funny! you have until June 30th to write a comment about what you think the drawing is supposed to be, and you could win a prize!

a If you design knitting things -- any knitted things -- this could be a chance for fame and fotune (well, fame and enough cash to buy more yarn for the stash, at least!) Submit your original knitting design to the "Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar (I bought one of these for Christmas for a friend, and it is a lot of fun to check the patterns daily at the office) and you could win ... wait for it ... up to $500.00!!! Pretty cool eh? (second prize is $250.00 and third prize is $100.00) . You have until December 15th, 2007 to submit to be considered for the 2009 calendar.
It looks like if you submit a design that is used in the calendar, you get a free copy of the calendar you submit to (you can do a crochet pattern, if you prefer, 'cause they have a Crochet pattern-a-Day Calendar too!), and the top 3 designs get the cash prizes. It would be really neat to have a pattern published. I found the link to this contest at this site.

a In the spirit of sharing the love, I would like to hold a contest (I don't have many readers ... so you have a good chance to win!). Check my blog later today for a new post with the contest and details for how ~ and what~ you can win! (Hint: it will have something to do with the long Holiday weekend coming up!)

a Edit: Found another contest just now, all you have to do is post a picture on your blog of your first finished item (or if you don't have one -- a picture -- not a finished item, although, some days .... sigh!)just post on your blog what your next project , not yet on the needles is going to be. Be sure to mention Lotus Knits' contest! Then email her or leave a comment on her blog about the blogpost you made! Did I mention the prizes are YARN??? I love one of them (and really want to win it!!)

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lexa said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to pop on over there.

We got our Kroy sock yarns in and also the Beehive Baby Sport. That seems really nice. I like the feel of it.

Did you have a nice young man to interview today who just got his driver's license and was late for the interview cuz the driving instructor was late? Did he tell you he was looking at yarn? He's such a sweetie. Of all the young kids that hang out at the store sometimes with A he's our favorite! He was quite upset that he couldn't get home to change. I told him you'd be very understanding, especially if he talked yarn! LOL!