Sunday, 9 September 2007

I've been a bad blogger!

Wow ... it has been a while since I last posted ... sorry! I am now on vacation for a week, so hopefully there will be a few knitting related or vacation related posts this week.

Lemme see, what has happened since I last blogged?

J and I went to Sharon's for a spinning afternoon - of course before we went, we went to the Cheesecake Gallery for lunch (I had a touch of a headache and, although I doubt that is the reason, curdled the cream in my coffee not once , not twice, but FIVE times!! Weird eh? they brewed me a fresh pot of coffee after the second time it happened and opened a new container of cream too. The fifth time it did it, I gave up on coffee - lunch was awesome, though.) If you ever go there, try the Seagalwich .... mmmmm! Smoked salmon with red onion, goat cheese, shrimp & avocado on a crusty bagette with a side spinach salad! It rocks! (this is what the spinach salad looks like as a main course - I took this picture last time we went! there is avocado and dried cranberries in the salad too - it is sooo good!)

I got a new bag of Corridale (sp?) pencil roving in Wildberry Jam colour (pinks and purples), J got a new bag of wool too, and as she was on vacation last week, took a spinning wheel for a test drive for the week (she is so lucky - she just celebrated a special birthday and her husband promised her a spinning wheel as her gift! What a sweet husband!)

Let's see, news? A few purses have come off the needles ... once they are felted, I will show them.

I am in Secret Pal 11(my first time), which is for 3 months (Sept., Oct., and November). My very kind secret pal sent me my first gift packages ... the first package arrived on Wednesday and contained 3 skeins of beautiful wool, sticky notes and delicious homemade cookies!
The wool is Hancho by Mirasol, and is a charitable wool (proceeds from each skein sold contributes to establishing a school in Shepard's communities in Peru). The second picture is pretty close to the actual colour. She has me pegged ... the colour is so totally me!
The stickies are a beautiful cherry blossom pattern (washed out by the flash in this shot) and, although I hoard things like this, I will try very hard to use them to keep myself organized in my knitting! (so pretty, I hate to use them up!) Then, the very next day, a second parcel arrived ... from Dyed in the Wool Handmade ... beautiful roving!

The roving looks so nice with the sunflower and matches the water and grass, nice fall colours ... pretty, eh? It is called "Forest Canopy" and is 100% Blue Faced Leicester.

Needless to say, I am feeling very spoiled! (but I am loving it! Thank you Secret Pall!! You are very generous, and I love all of it so much!)
I just sent off a package to my pal ... I hope she likes it. Can't say what it is though ... she might be reading random blogs and that could ruin the surprise.
Well, I have a sock to work on ... gotta go!


Donna said...

I love to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and hate that I never have cheesecake for dessert!
Your new yarn looks gorgeous! What fun to get all these neat things in the mail!

Steph said...

THERE'S A RESTAURANT CALLED THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY?!?!?!?!??!?!? Ok. That's it. I need to get to Mahone Bay, stat!

Dorothy said...

Steph took the words out of my mouth :)
One of my friends and I are hoping to get there one day this fall; a treat to us, go to Mahone Bay. She's driving and providing the gas, I buy lunch ... wonder where we'll go :)

lexa said...

Love your SP yarns! Very pretty indeed.

Lucky J to be getting a spinning wheel for her birthday!

Looking forward to seeing you finished bags. :)