Monday, 3 September 2007

Long Weekend ... and then some!

I've been having a very good, productive long weekend ... and to cap it off, I have a vacation day tomorrow. I finished the first sock in the pair I am working on on Thursday evening, and cast on for the second one Saturdayy morning, knitted away on it, through the length of the cuff by noon on Saturday. Feeling good about it!
Saturday afternoon, cast on for a purse, got the main part done by about 7 p.m. that night - now to make the attached I-cord and felt it. Feeling good about that too!

Sunday morning cast on for a Sophie purse, got it all done but the straps by supper time last night. I should have them done and it ready to felt by supper tonight. (I'd like to felt the 2 purses I worked on this weekend together this evening and have them blocked tonight). That would be a great feeling of accomplishment - but if I blog all day I won't get that done, so will keep this post brief!
All my weekend knitting was done while T worked on his tractor - I went with him to his brother's place, where we store the tractor, and sat nearby while he worked (for some odd reason, my camera wouldn't focus on T or the knitting in the same shot!). Very peaceful way to knit! He finally got it running (we got it in May and it hasn't run since the beginning of June, so he was very pleased!)
My 5 year old niece visited often over the 2 days of tractor repair/knitfest, asking lots of questions; she would like to learn to knit "when she is 11".
We saw a squirrel baby while we were chatting ... it got quite close and seemed very interested in what I was doing - remembering the Harlot's tale of squirrel mischief, I kept my yarn close to me!

Tomorrow, J and I are going to Sharon's for a spinning day (yay!) ... I am hoping she can show me an easier way to ply this wool I spun - I have a real problem doing it from my wrist, and can't seem to maintain any sort of tension when I am plying it that way. I am hoping to get some of the other fleece I have spun this evening or in the morning, just so I have a bit of practice before we go (I find it takes a few minutes to get back in the groove of it if I haven't spun in a few days).

That's all for now - I hear I-cord calling my name (and I think there is about a mile of it to knit for those 2 purses!)
P. S. Before I go, I just wanted to give you a shot of what Curly has been doing lately ... he can see the fish from up there and likes to dandle his legs down as they swim by (he is about 5 - 6 feet up! (his mom was a Siamese kitty - I guess that's where his love of heights comes from.)


lexa said...

That Sophie purse is really cute. What color and yarn are you using? (October's Yarn of the Month is going to be Classic Wool if you want to start planning anything! This month is the Shetland Chunkies and Tweeds.)

Glad you had a productive long weekend. I managed only one FO, a dishcloth for the camper. Worked a little on a ribbed sock, too. :)

Donna said...

Congrats on your weekend projects! Good luck with the spinning. I will say that is something I have never tried to do. But it looks like it might be fun.