Friday, 28 September 2007

Take it for a spin

(sorry, no pictures today! it has been rainy and miserable all day, so the lighting isn't good, and I am feeling a bit lazy to be looking for a camera).

T picked up my wheel from the Spin Doctor yesterday; it is in good working order now, and I am really pleased with it. He fitted it with a new belt, put a new leather on one of my maidens, and tightened everything up (he also stained my new flyer before he assembled it, so it matches my wheel - woo hoo!). He's a really nice fella, and knows a lot about spinning wheels - I would highly recommend going to him for all your spinning wheel concerns!

I spun for an hour or so last night with some Louet Corriedale pencil roving in Wild Berry Jam colour -- it was originally bought to make socks with (I don't have a pair of pink socks), but now I am thinking it might make nice fingerless gloves ... heck, I have 8 oz. - I bet it could make both! There is still a lot of spinning before I get to the knitting.

I put up a few posters around town about the Knitting Nights on Oct. 10th & 17th, and I've heard from a few gals who plan to come. It should be a good time ... knitting with other knitters is always fun.

Next time I post, maybe there will be some pictures of plied wool, hot off the wheel!

* ETA ... I forgot to mention .. I got my Ravelry invite a week or more ago - I haven't "done" anything over there yet but poke around, but I may get ambitious soon and start catalouging what I have, what i want to make, what I have made ... but right now it sounds like WORK, so not today. If you are looking for me ... my Ravelry name is Heddy.

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