Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I got nothing!

It has been a considerable time since I blogged (4 days!)... and I have nothing to report.

  • The cute kitten stories are sporadic these days, although we did pick the cats up a new "tent" on the weekend - their first ever. Curly enjoys getting in things, so we thought this would be a perfect present for him, and Louie would probably like it too, as she enjoys laying on/in anything that is on the floor (that cat will lay on anything that is on the floor - if I drop a sock when I empty the dryer, she treats it like I have made her the most elaborate bed and refuses to move). Just in case you are wondering why you see lots of pictures of Curly and few pictures of Louie, I love Louie just as much as the new kitty and Louie loves us, BUT Louie has a paranoid fear of cameras and runs and hides if I even touch one ... so there are very few pictures of her. The ones I do have are either blurry "making a getaway" shots or cranky "you woke me for this?!" shots)

    (I may die for posting this picture of her ... she reads the blog occasionally!)

  • Not much happening on the knitting front ... I finished a purse that someone ordered ... I will be felting it tonight and will post a picture in a day or 2. Oh yeah, I had a day off work yesterday, and started a Horcrux sock in the Hancho Mirasol yarn that my Secret pal gave me as part of my September gift ... I only knit for 2 hours and am done down to the heel flap. It is turning out quite pretty, although I think it is going to be too small for me (I think my sister or my niece may get it as a Christmas gift). I got 3 skeins from my Pal, and the sock has used barely any, so I think I can make a second pair with a few modifications to make them big enough for me.
  • We went to Halifax over the weekend and sold a bunch of our baby fish to other fish club members -- Frontosas and a special kind of peacock. eventually, you get overrun with fish, and some have to be rehomed - fortunately, these two types are uncommon, so they could be sold, instead of begging people to take them!
These are the adult versions of what we sold ... stripes is the frontosa.
  • Not much spinning has been going on ... I am hoping to get a proper spring for my scotch (scots?) tension ... the elastic band is pretty fickle and I end up with too much draw, resulting in not enough twist, or no draw at all - it is a bit frustratijng to work with until the spring comes.
  • ooohhhh ... and the funnest non-news of all ... tonight for supper, we are going to try the new flat bottomed taco shells from Old El Paso ... I am very excited to not have my taco topple. (disappointment - T picked up the super size taco shells ... not the new flat bottoms ... so I had toppings everywher :( Ahh well, that leaves another adventure for another day!)


lexa said...

Louie does NOT look impressed at all, I must say.

Those flat bottomed shells are quite neat. I had them once, and they are an improvement over the other ones. I usually get the hard/soft combo box cuz the boys prefer the hard shells, T the soft shells. I get whatever is left over. :)

Donna said...

You have cats and fish in the same house? Is that even allowed?!

Your cat pics are cute, even the photophobe cat looks cute.