Wednesday, 3 October 2007

brief bit o'news

Thought I smelled wool fumes in town today so stopped by the LYS ... but my sniffer must be busted, cause all I found that was new was this. I really love felting, and was reading about this booklet on the 'net the other day.


Donna said...

Great book! Lots of things to felt! The wine bottle covers look really nice!

lexa said...

This arrived yesterday after I left, but I ogled it all day today! I love it -- I really like the felted/non-felted options for pretty much each project. (Tho I lean towards everything felted...)

The yarn is at the post office, waiting to be picked up. I am working tomorrow and plan on getting it. M works this weekend, so we'll try to have it all out Friday night/Saturday. I'm anxious to see the tweeds. I want a new bag.