Saturday, 6 October 2007

Let the Long Weekend Begin!

Happy Long Weekend! Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada (and to make a nice LOOOONG weekend for me, I have taken a vacation day on Tuesday to give me a 4 day weekend -- knitting, and spinning, and plying -- oh my!) Speaking of Canadian traditions ... have you read the Yarn Harlot's blog about a particular Canadian institution she recently observed ? Some of the comments are are really funny, but it is really cool to see that so many Canadians identify with the same cultural thing ... dum dum dum TaDUM, dum dum dum TaDUM...

Have I been knitting? Not much, a purse that someone asked me to make is now done ... {blogger is not letting me post pictures! dang it! ... check back later!}

I have finished 2 more, which just need felting ... {stooopid blogger ... no pictures are coming in for me today ... try back later!}

If you are wondering "what's up with all the purses?" - I really enjoy knitting them! and a few of them sold at the craft sale my Mom, sister and I did, AND (this is the exciting part) a woman in my community holds an "exhibit by invitation only" craft/art sale at her cafe/gallery each Christmas, and she asked me to show my knitting ... so I am coming up with some of my own bag designs and creating some other stuff to be able to have some unique/interesting things to show there. (Poke around on the site link for the cafe/gallery ... Liz does beautiful work, the food there is fabulous ~ there is nothing on the menu that I have tried that isn't to die for, including the famous warm curry potato salad~ and the atmosphere is fun, relaxing and informal. It is the most popular spot for lunch in Liverpool!)

{Have I mentioned how I feel about Blogger today? To see my pretty little pup, check in later!} Duffy, our Valley Bulldog, is turning into a real Valley Bedhog, and we've been trying to figure out how T & I can get a better night's sleep (removing the dog from the bed is not a valid solution - she sits beside the bed and whines ... non stop ... until she allowed back on the bed, and if the whining doesn't work, the barking at 2 a.m. does!) She is spoiled, it is our fault - now to find a way to fix it!

We figured out that it is cool/cold in our bedroom at night, which is no problem for T & I as we are snuggled under the covers. The other critters don't seem to mind, they all have thick fur coats ... poor Duffy is short haired, and on her belly, armpits and chest, she is as bare as a baby's bottom -- she is probably freezing, and snuggling in for warmth! I feel bad that we have been mad at her, all she was trying to do was "spoon"!

I bought a pattern and some Paton's Classic Wool (in Harvest and Regal Purple), and am planning to start the sweater today ... she is an XL size (gagh!), but I think it will be worth it - she will enjoy having a "sweater nightie", be warm and not contort me into a pretzel trying to get warm!!

Turkey weekend plans? We have been invited to 2 family dinners so far (a third is probably in the works) ... both of the invites are both for supper on Sunday! Crap! I love a full blown turkey dinner with all the fixin's, and there are specialties that each of our Mom's are famous for -- my Mom's gravy, pickles and stuffing are awesome, T's mom has the world's best spuds and her turkey is always so moist! It makes me a little sad that we have to miss my Mom's meal, but she invited late, so we are already committed to going to T's family dinner. Hopefully, my dad will invite us for a different date! Have I mentioned that I love a turkey dinner? LOL!

This is T's weekend to work, so I am home alone today and tomorrow, so hopefully, tomorrow there will be a progress report on the knitted doggie nightie!

Well folks, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada, or not until November ... take time this weekend to give thanks for all the great things you have in your life, and "Gobble 'til ya Wobble"!


lexa said...

When my FIL was still alive we used to do Thanksgiving at my mother's place on Sunday, his place Monday (or vice versa). T's mother usually worked at least one of those days, so she'd do hers the day she was off. T was always happy for two meals. Sometimes even three cuz he used to long haul to the US and would get US Thanksgiving dinners at the truck stops. This year we are going to his brother's place. My dad is away, so my mother is doing hers when he gets back.

Dorothy said...

All of our family is gathering at my Mom's house for lunch tomorrow. She cooks the meat kings, we supply everything else.
Congrats on the invitation to the sale, be sure to let us know when it is. My sister loves that shop, and I'm sure I could convincer het to go the sale (if it's not on a Sunday)
Happy Turkey Day!

Donna said...

Good for you! You should sell lots of stuff at Liz's store! Especially closer to the Christmas season.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner in Saint John with Lauren and family! A truly delicious dinner with everyone helping! Mark's 97 year old grandmother made a lemon meringue pie that was just like my mother used to make! Yum good!