Wednesday, 10 October 2007

To Quote Rod Stewart ....

Tonight's the Night!
The first ever Knit Night in Liverpool is scheduled for this evening at 7 p.m. at the Liverpool Market Superstore Community Room. Bring your current project to work on. Hopefully, I won't be there alone! LOL! I have heard from a few folks that they are planning to come ... Barb, Sheri, Donna and another woman whose name escapes me at the moment, so it is shaping up to be a fun night.I think I will be using Knit Nights to work on top secret, level 3 clearance, covert projects ... for Istmas-Chray. I was going to bring the knitted nightie I am making for Duffy, but it is getting big and heavy (and I don't want anyone who comes who doesn't know me to think I am nuts for making my bedhog a sleep-sweater) (although it is turning out pretty!).
I think tonight is a good night to cast on for a new project ... starting something new on a night of starting something new!
I hope to see you there ... (coffee, sweets and knitting - cripers, it should be more fun than Woodstock! LOL!)


Steph said...

Heddy - I hope it goes well!

Do I recognize LoobyLu's artwork there in your logo?

lexa said...

I will see you very shortly! I'm bringing the cabled baby sweater. I won't start anything new til that's done since I'm on a time limit.

Dorothy said...

How was the knit night??

I was so hoping to get down, and sulked because I had to miss it. Maybe next week?

Hope you had a good turn out!

Donna said...

Knit night was fun even if there were only a few of us. Hope more people turn up the next night!