Wednesday, 10 October 2007


These are our 2 "babies" ... and they adore each other (pardon the messy couch ... it's been busy week!). The picture is a bit dark ... but this is what they are like most of the time together (either cuddly or wrestling!)

Our old lady kitty, Louie, is a bit set in her ways (afterall, she will be 15 at Christmas), and hasn't taken a shine to the new kit on the block, Curly (who will be 1 in November) -- she still growls and hisses at him whenever he is near. He sneaked up on her when she was sleeping, and laid down , his tail touching hers ... she was ok with it when she woke up ... and by the 10th picture, she was still doing ok with it, even when Curly sidled up for a closer cuddle ( seconds later, he pounced on her head, and the truce was broken! -- he picks on her so much!) Next time we decide to get a new kitty or pup, Louie has demanded that she get a vote too!


Cookie said...


So cute!

I've wondered what it's like to bring a new baby home to an older cat. Nice to know that it can work out.

lexa said...

Pumba is nine this fall, and we've had him since he was a teeny tiny baby. Nala is eleven-and-a-half, and she still hisses and grows at him all the time! Sometimes she lets him lay with her, but I think he sneaks up on her when she's asleep and doesn't realize he's there.