Thursday, 11 October 2007

I have the BEST Secret Pal. EVER.

Seriously, I feel bad saying it, because I don't want to make anyone else's pal feel bad ... but mine is totally spoiling me ... to the point that I feel guilty because of the nice presents I have received! I hope her pal is treating her as well as I am getting treated.

This is a photo essay of my October presents from my pal, by T (featuring a very goofy looking me -- I didn't know this, but I guess I look goofy when I am excited!)

Thank you very much ... I adore the bag, and can't wait to get my knitting into it! I have never tried Magic loop ... but have been wanting too - the booklet looks marvelous!


lexa said...

I love that bag! What a great color -- it's definitely you. (But could be me!)

Donna said...

Great bag! I will look forward to hearing how the magic loop works. I have been tempted to try it but haven't yet.

Cookie said...

Fabulous bag!

I think you're right about your swap person. :D

Maggie said...

I have been coveting that bag since I first saw it. I love it. Lucky lady!

Marti said...

Ooooooo, bag envy! Ya gotta bring that to a Knit Nite so we can all fondle and coo over it.