Sunday, 21 October 2007

I am home again, home again, Jiggedy Jig!

I made it through the conference, tired but full of great new ideas on trends in recreation from friends around the province. I like going to the conferences for the networking and workshops, but boy, it can zonk you, being immersed in so much of one thing for 3 days straight! The conference was at the Digby Pines -- very beautiful, the food was awesome and I always enjoy the drive to Digby. (Plans are underway already for next year's conference - Nov. 5 - 8 in Halifax - at the Westin).

I can't say much right now re: what I have been knitting -- it's a ecret-say resent-pay for my usband-hay, who rarely reads this, but if I post -- today will be the day! So no pictures of progress or hints about what's on the needles!

Contests are happening out there in the blogiverse ... but I forget the deadlines (sorry - check them out, I do remember they are soon! so HURRY! I am too lazy to read through them again ... heh! heh!)
  • There is a contest at the Knitting Linguist - looking for ideas on how to memorize a pattern (sock yarn is the prize) -- I get an extra entry if you say you found out about the contest from my blog. (thanks!)
  • The monthly contest at the Loopy Ewe is to share a favorite holiday recipe memory -- you don't have to relate the recipe, just someone special who made the recipe and what it was. $25.00 Loopy Bucks is the prize!
  • And there is still time to enter Alison's contest at the Yo-Yo Knits ... guess how many items she will buy at Rhinebeck (choose your number carefully - this girl can shop! I get yarn envy whenever she flashes her stash! She always seems to find amazing things in beautiful colours)

That's about it for now ... good luck with the contests!


lexa said...

K ordered some of that new sock yarn from Kertzer. I'm not sure exactly what's coming, but apparently there is some solids coming and bright stripey ones. It's the variety bags, so there will only be maybe two balls of each color. M got her to call back and tell them to send the bright ones since we already have too much blues and browns in the Austerman.

I'll let you know when they come in. Maybe I should get mine before you and A get there! (Going to TRY to limit myself to two of them for now, but you never know...)

Marti said...

Ooooo, contests! Thanks for the heads up!

Knitting Linguist said...

Hi! Thanks for the shout-out, and for the comment -- I haven't tried the 3x5 cards with rings since I started charting, but that may work quite well with some of these longer patterns. I'm glad to have found your blog :)