Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Things you learn at Knit Nite

1. Friends don't let friends knit crap! This is not a great colour for a man's sock ... very much pinker than the website shows. The cuff is now just a faint memory. sigh. Thanks for the honesty ... I would have been distraught to knit a pair of size 11 socks ... for my husband ... in pink (but not nearly as distraught as he would be - the man loves handknit socks!)

2. Knitters are fun folks (I knew that before Knit Nite - but this week and last week cemented the fact!) Tonight there were 3 of us - Sheri, Andrea and me ... and a great time (I hung out with 2 great knitters and was inspired!)
3. "Stupid" is a word that needs to come out of my vocabulary -- I think I use it as an adjective a lot when I am nervous -- and it is going. I am actually older than 12, and should get myself a new set of intelligent, grown up adjectives to express frustration at yarn, knitting and life .... how about "dumb" or the ever intellegent, very mature "moronic"? lol! Ahh ... variety!

4. Even in a small town (like mine), you never know everyone! It turns out ... Andrea and I were both at the Harlot's signing in Halifax (she remembers me being just behind her in line - and I rembered her too! Weird, eh? we could have travelled together, had we known each other) - I just checked my pictures and don't see her , but I didn't take many of the line-up.
5. When something is good - you want more. On my way out of the Superstore, I booked the Community Room for a few more nights ... please note them. If you plan to come, we would love to have you join us.

Wed., Oct. 24th,
Wed., Nov. 14th (please note we won't be KNing on Oct. 31st or Nov. 7th)
Wed., Nov. 21st,
Wed., Nov. 28th,
Wed., Dec. 5th
Wed. Dec. 12th
Wed. Dec. 19th

Check here if you are wondering if we will be having a KN ... I will try to update on Wednesdays, just to keep things current. Oct. 24th I am not able to go to Knit Nite, but Sheri has graciously offered to host that night. Thanks Sheri (I hate the thought of missing it - try not to knit anything fabulous without me).


lexa said...

Wow, you did book a lot more dates! I'll make sure in December when we are open nights that Wednesday isn't my night to work. When I work this weekend I will make a couple of new signs to put up with the dates on them.

Did you ever see The Advance about their Community Calendar or The Queens County Times in her events column?

Marti said...

Holy smokes you blog fast! In the time it took me to walk home, break into my house (post forthcoming on that), change my clothes and settle in with a drink, I found myself on the internet! Ah, the pleasures of the 21st century.
Had a GREAT time tonight...really nice to meet other knitters and have a place to hang. See you there again soon!

Dorothy said...

YES!! There is a chance for me to redeem myself!

Donna said...

So glad to hear things went well and you booked more nights. Hopefully more peeps will come too!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Nice blog! Wish I could knit with you all, but I work every Wed! Bleep bleep

Steph said...

Hey, "Stupid" is way better than being known for uttering the word "Crotch".