Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Come knit with me!

Tonight is Knit Nite ... Liverpool Market Superstore Community Room - 7 - ??? p.m. -- Free! Have a cuppa coffee, a sweet (you have to come to see what we have tonight!) and knit yourself silly!

I booked the room for a few more nights -- Oct. 24th, no knitting on Halloween or the following Wednesday ... but we start up again on Nov. 14th and 21st for the mad dash towards Christmas -- Knit Nite is a great place to get the "Ecret-say Istmas-chray Itting-knay" done without fear of ruining a surprize (unless you are knitting for ME -- then, well, you'll be screwed, 'cause I will be there and see it all! I love knitted presents!)

Busy week - I'm a bad blogger!
  • My BIL got his deer - we are country folk and it is what we do -- the meat gets eaten and enjoyed greatly. No offense intended to people who don't hunt.
  • I have knit several purses in the time since my last post -- a couple of Noro kid's purses, a green Sophie, and the ones I told you about but haven't felted yet, plus I am in the midst of a bigger purse, a hippy style that I am LOVIN'!
  • I've been working on Fall programs for work -- one that might be of interest to local knitters is a spinning workshop after Christmas (I will post details later, when the poster is done)
I am on my lunch break right now and don't have a lotta time ... so no pictures for you!

I am going to a Rec. conference in Digby tomorrow morning and will be gone until Saturday afternoon ... so I won't be posting at all then (when I get back, I will fill you in on the second Knit nite, and any pics of felted bags, and other FOs and WIPS - I always hate to blog without a picture!)

later Taters! See you tonight!

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lexa said...

I will be seeing you in a little while! I was told there was at least one other lady coming tonight, and next week there is supposed to be a different lady coming who cannot come this week. Hopefully Donna will be there next week, too, cuz I know you won't be, and I don't want to be the only one there!

I'm bringing something simple tonight cuz I gab too much. Maybe bring my current sock, and I also started an Odessa hat, too.