Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

Yesterday, we drove to Debert for the second time this week ... we bought a new-to-me car -- a 2005 Pontiac Pursuit! I know nothing about cars ... it is silver coloured and has 4 doors, and is a manual transmission (eek! haven't drove a stick in years!). This is the newest car I have ever owened -- it is pretty exciting!

We were talking about some of my cars on the drive up to get it, and laughing about my "fine taste in automobiles" ... the summer I finsihed my degree at Acadia, I bought a 1976 AMC Hornet (it was green and my friends dubbed it "The Pickle", even though it looked more like an army tank). It was 13 years old when I bought it (for $1,000), and I loved the Pickle for 12 years! It was a quirky ride, that required special instructions when being loaned - "if it doesn't start, do this", and people instantly recognized it.

after that I bought T's mom's red Firefly ... my first satandard. I cried trying to learn to drive it, so frustrating! And aftre I learned to shift, I cursed it alot because it had lots its shifter mount so would "pop" out of 2nd, 4th and reverse unless I held it in place. Then We bought me my first Ford Escort wagon, a '95, followed by a '98 Ford Escort wagon ... both identical in appearance -- no-one even noticed that I had a newer car! LOL!

Now I have the Pursuit of Happiness ... as soon as it comes out of the garage fron it's paintjob, I'll show pics!

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