Wednesday, 5 March 2008

For the past few days, the weather reports have been calling for an ice storm today, and I chose not to believe them ('cause, well, they lie most of the time, and also 'cause, well, I am sick of crappy winter weather). I am a firm believer in the "If you ignore it long enough, it will go away" philosophy (which I am currently trying out on housework and laundry - no luck yet!).

This is what I woke up to ...

Elvis was brave and went out to pee, slipping and sliding across the wooden deck, and down the wooden stairs to the yard ... bless her little 14 and a half year old heart (but couldn't make it back up the steps without my help - she did try to get up the stairs several times, but kept slipping down them).
Duffy, on the other hand, took one look and decided she didn't have to "go"that bad, turned around and went back to bed. She was quite indignant when I forced her out the door onto the skating rink formerly known as our deck, and outright refused to move from the safe haven of the rubber mat, crying the whole time. I felt bad after about 5 minutes and let her back in, but at lunch, it was a little less slippery and she decided it was a bit more urgent to at least try to navigate the frozen sheet of ice to her yard.

It is the weirdest storm ... the roads aren't slippery in Liverpool, but the car, the deck, the trees and anything else not asphalt or concrete based is perfectly encrusted in about a quarter inch of ice == really pretty (but quite nasty unless you are driving).

Tonight the Knitterpuddlians meet ... I am bringing my sweater to show my progress (I am quite happy with how far along it is ... I cast on late in the evening Feb. 28th, and am hoping to be done by this Sunday, barring no unexpected hiccups). 7 p.m. -- Lanes in the meeting room ... mmm, chocolate cupcakes, I mean "Yay! Knitting!" ;)

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