Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sunshine ... and a spring in my step

The sun is shining, the ice is gone -- life is good!

Gratutitous cute kitty picture!

The Knitterpuddlians met last nite, at Lanes, and it was the first time in quite a while that all 5 of the regulars were there (we have a few more people that pop by once in a while, we miss you - come again!). It was a lot of fun! It was good to have everyone there, as we had a few agenda items tabled (being the very formal group that we are) ... it was decided that since Knitterpuddlians amuses us, we will be officially called the Knitterpuddlians (and I see many of us have already added the membership to our Blog banners!). We also discussed the possibility of moving the meeting location, as we will likely have to find a new meeting spot once the tourist season arrives and the restaurant gets too busy for a knitting group). Donna kindly offered space, Donna W kindly offered to bake, Marti offered to be the quiet one, and I thought I'd try to be funny once in a while. We also decided that we should really try to do something visibly knitterly on World Wide Knit in Public Day (just as soon as we find out the official date!) -- a Main Street location is being scouted, or other heavily trafficked area (I am hoping there will be coffee and sweets within an easy saunter). We also all decided we'd like to try knitting toe up socks ... so we may learn those as a group, and possibly do group learn' every know and then as a fun thing to do (one person will pick a topic, and instruct ... and we will each get a turn to teach a new technique) -- sounds like some fun! Wow! we sure did have a lot of knitting group talk -- I even managed to get some knitting done!

I am thinking of perhaps making a new blog or a Ravelry group to post Knit Nite updates on, so we have an easy one step way to check the status of the group/meetings -- what is the opinion of the Knitterpuddlians on that? Would this be helpful? Which would you prefer? We could all contribute to either method.

Lemme know!


Marti said...

I don't think we're all on Ravelry so maybe a blog would be more in order. That's just my two cents! But, if we were all on Ravelry, then we could form a group. Cuz that'd be way cool.

PS: My verification word is pamzire. I'm thinking up a definition for it.

Heddy said...

I posted my definition of Pamzire inyour comments ... I am pretty sure I may be right!

I think a blog would be the best way to do it, until we are all on Ravelry, or until Ravelry becomes open to the public. At the moment, the blog address is available (how can that be? I thought peopel would be clamouring for that name!) -- if the crew want to do it, we can do it.

lexa said...

I vote for the blog thing since I don't do Ravelry. (Maybe someday, but not right now.)

I could bake or bring something. My place wouldn't work since the kids would be here, and they're in-your-face, and it wouldn't be a good thing. I really disliked being in the bar last night. I had a headache from eye strain. Low light situations like that, even though I'm not constantly looking at my knitting, always make me headachy.

Donna said...

So are you going to look after this new blog? What about Donna W? Does she have an email address? If so, I think email would be the easiest way to go, unless you are looking for an extra job! Either way is fine with me.
I think I spelled Kniterpudlian with only one d. I best fix that up!

Dorothy said...

I'm going to be having a KIP thing here in Shelburne on WWKIP day (whenever the date is!!), and the Knitterpuddlians are more than welcome to come and join me and my friends. A friend with a house on the waterfront has offered her gorgeous lawn for us to use. I'm thinking it's the second Sat in June.

Carrie Ellis said...

I love your banner comment. The group sounds very official but not too too serious!