Saturday, 8 March 2008

Spring fever?

Folks in blogland must have a touch of it ... because there are lots of contests popping up all over the place (and you know I love a contest!) ~

Enchanted Yarn & Fibres is holding a contest to see what people are looking for in a yarn store -- and their prizes rock! When you enter, be sure to tell them Heddy sent you!

Name that Monkey and win! Flint Knits is offering up a $20 gift certificate if you name her absolutely adorable crocheted monkey (so adorable I want to learn to crochet!!)

Interweave Press is holding a poetry contest ... create a poem from the words they supply and you could win a funky prize -- deadline is March 17th, words are available here

You have until tomorrow (March 9th) to enter NH Knitting Mama's PMS contest --- Promote My Shop, which is much more pleasant than the other PMS. Her prizes are yarn ... and there will be 3 people who win.

Go see Robyn at Knit & Purl Mama and post a comment -- you could be her 3616th commenter and win a cool prize!

There is a St. Patrick's Day contest running over at Spinknitup ... post a comment about how you spend St. Patrick's day, or a funny past Paddy Day story, tell her you found out about the contest from me, and we both get a chance to win! Link to the contest on your own blog, and you get an extra chance to win! Prizes are green (and very exciting! I love the fibre!). deadline is midnight March 17th (more detail on her blog).

Visit Up Late Always and enter her contest ... she has just reached her 100th post -- congratulations are in order! Hurry though, her contest ends on March 9th! Her prize is a lovely felted purse!

I am sure there are more contests out there ... but that's all I have for now (it's been a while since I've gone a lookin' for contests. Today, they seemed to find me! It seemed like every blog I clicked on was having a contest!) Good luck!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for entering the contest! I have put your name in the hat.