Saturday, 19 April 2008

A happy day at Jack's house

My sister emailed me yesterday to let me know that Jack (my nephew) was very excited ... she was downstairs, he was in his room, rummaging about, and he hollered down to her that he found his 2 lost mittens - "And they still fit!".

Hmmmm, I wonder what she is feeding that kid to make him think that he would have grown so much in the month since I gave him the mitts, that they now wouldn't fit? Kids make me laugh. She said he is really happy to have found them -- and I am too (I just bought some more of the yarn to make a mate for the remaining mitt, but to be honest, wasn't as excited about making the 4th in the "pair" as I was the first 3).

Still no picture of the fingerless mitts -- hopefully he'll bring them when they are visiting this weekend, and I can get an in action shot of them. It bugs me not to have an FO shot for them.

Other happy knitting news ... I finished sock #1 for my Mom's birthday (which is today ... yeah, I know the chances of me getting the second sock finished in time for her party tonight is pretty slim, but I am just relieved that she isn't just getting a ball of yarn with a "Future Socks" note pinned to it! I can get the second sock done by later this week, and she'll have a pair). They are a modified version of the Nancy Bush pattern "Gentleman's Fluted Shooting Socks". Details and photo to follow when I am done the pair.

T is working today, so I should have lots of free time to get a cake/dessert made for Mom, as well as knit a big chunk of the leg of the second sock.

I was going to add a photo, but Blogger is cranky this morning ... maybe later!

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lexa said...

Happy birthday to your Ma! I think I heard it on the radio yesterday morning.

It's a gorgeous day, hope you are enjoying it. :)