Sunday, 20 April 2008

A week laden with birthdays

This week is a hectic one, but a very happy one as 3 of my family celebrate birthdays within days of each other. T and his Mom share a birthday on April 23rd (she says that she always said she wasn't having kids after she was 30, he was born on her birthday, and he was the best birthday present she ever got ... awww!) -- we'll be celebrating at T's parent's place with his parents, his brothers and their families on Wednesday night (sorry Knitterpudlians -- I wish I could change T's birthday this year, but I can't! I hate to miss a week).

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday ... my sister, her hubby and their 2 boys came home and we had dinner and cake at Mom's place. I made the "cake" (it is actually a pavlova - and was Yummy!). It was a big birthday for my Mom ... I think she looks fabulous for 60.

The finished birthday sock was gifted, then taken back until the pair is finished -- both Mom and my sister loved it, and T says it is the nicest sock I have ever knit (the pattern is really simple, but I guess it looks complex and he likes the combo of the pattern and the yarn). As promised, once the pair is done, I'll post details.

I haven't blogged many pictures of my sister's youngest, Owen (or as he is known in the family "Baby O" or simply "O", and occasionally "O-ee"). He is a doll - most of the time very solemn, very busy, very ticklish and when he grins, he'll melt your heart (he has 2 of the biggest dimples you've ever seen! And both of my sister's kids hold a special place in my heart because of the dimples ~ the 3 of us are the only ones on either side of the family with dimples, so I say that's good genetics at work!). Here are some shots of Baby O:

He can stand and take one step, but won't do another. He has one tooth so far, on the bottom, and eats like there is no tomorrow -- quite different than his big brother!

Pretty soon, we'll be celebrating another birthday (well, technically 2 more) -- my sister and Baby O share June 1st as their big day. Oops, and I forgot, my step father and T's sister-in-law have birthdays May 18th & 20th ... birthdays come in clusters around here!

This afternoon, I am off to spinning with my friends J. and Marti at Sharon's place (and I am going to wear my socks). Hoping I remember how to work the wheel ... right now I am just focusing on lunch at the Cheesecake Gallery (it is becoming a spinning tradition!).

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lexa said...

I can't get over how big little O is getting! Time flies.

The socks look great, love the colors. Have fun spinning. :)