Monday, 21 April 2008

I am a collector

I learned to spin in July , I think. I got my wheel in Sept. or October, I believe. And somewhere since then and now ...

I got these.

Now, to give me some credit, I didn't buy all of this - some of it was given as gifts - but I did buy half of the stash, you see, so I do take ownership of my problem. I am a collector. I like pretty things, I like lots of stash to be around me, just in case something happens. There are lots of beautiful fibres in there - alpaca, silk, merino, corriedale (sp?), and some blends as well. I am well prepared to take this spinning thing by the horns and make a pile of yarn, 'cept for one thing.

Last night (and yesterday afternoon) was the first night I did more than 10 minutes of fiddling with my wheel, and I do like spinning now, and feel like I know what my wheel can do. Now I feel like I could possibly make a dent in the fibre I've accumulated - I spun a full 2 oz braid of Fleece Artist fibre from the mill end sale, and have a matching braid to work on sometime this week (the grayish one in the middle of the picture). then to ply it and make a pair of socks!

There's a lot of spinning to do, and it is lurking in my coffee table ... and now I think I am ready to do some of it!

(* Pics of yesterday's adventure at Sharon's to follow)


lexa said...

Pretty, pretty! Get spinnin'!

Marti said...

Good holy cannoly woman! You could rival Sharon herself in terms of fibre available. I figured you were exaggerating, but I guess not! Maybe now that the weather is getting better you could put the knitting down in favour of spinning. I really enjoyed myself the other day, by the way. Can't wait to go back!