Saturday, 17 May 2008

Small but Mighty!

All week, I have been battling bravely, taking hits from those much smaller, but more clever than I.

They are winning the battle, and are taking over the house -- first one, then another, infiltrating the stash - I am powerless, they have weakened my defenses.

I give up!

And now they are cranky because it is pouring down rain outside , and ever since they saw Lexa's post, they have been wanting to get out for some air, and photo opps of their own.

They do have some good ideas of how we could work with the bad weather ... see, more clever than I. But I have no tiny PFDs and they refuse to acknowledge the possiblity of felting -- so we are stuck inside all day.


Marti said...

Ummmm...where did that Nation Colour come from? Hmmmm? Are you holding out on me?

I hate that boulder in our driveway too. I don't know about your car, but if I back over it with the Jeep, I feel like I'm going to tip over. The constable hates it as well, and assures me that he's going to level it out with some gravel at some point.

As for the sweater, no one is getting it. I'll lose 20 lbs before I give it to someone, that's how dedicated I am to my hand knits.

Donna said...

You do realize that you are as crazy as a bag of hammers, don't you?

lexa said...

Look at that Regia and the green Sisu! Me want.