Sunday, 18 May 2008

Shhh ... it's a secret!

I signed up for Secret Pal 12 ... I had such a good time last time picking out presents for the nice transplanted Nova Scotian (how cool was that - I got a girl who is originally from Halifax, now living in Toronto! neato!) and had a Pal who was very sweet and thoughtful in her gifts to me, that I figured I'd give it a whirl again. They are only taking 300 people this time round -- so if you want in on the fun, hustle on over! It is a 3 month swap, and this year there are a few twists - one of which is the amount expected to be spent each month (you can chose $10/month or $20/month -- a great idea!), and you have a $2.50 entry fee (to cover costs for the Angels who step in in the event that Pal's shirk their duties -- if the money isn't needed for that - it will be donated to charity).

Let's see what else has happened since I posted 4 times yesterday (yeah, sorry about that - T is working, I am stuck home with strep throat and realized it has been nearly a week since I blogged, so decided to get caught up and may have gotten carried away -- I realized that I may have gone too far as I was loading the yarn into the bathtub, for their fourth "on location shot" ... I am blaming it on the drugs).

We went to see Iron Man last Saturday night ... I am usually lukewarm on some of the adaptations of comic book heroes ... but I gotta say, the movie was pretty good (and Robert Downey Jr. -- YUMMY! I think someone has been visiting the gym!). For a superhero who doesn't wear tights, he does get quite a few chances to show of a pretty taut physique. I got most of one of these knit during that movie (some movies are so dark that you can't see to check your work if you need to, but Iron Man is a very bright movie -- take your knitting!).

Last night, T had to go in to work late (and I generally go with him for the drive, and it is good knitting time - 45 minutes drive each way, and then at least 30 minutes while he works, all adds up to good progress on socks!). We went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ... a good movie (although darker than Iron Man - both literally and figuratively -- I dropped a stitch during a dark scene and had to tuck my sock away until the end of the movie to figure out my mess). I though the movie was a kids' movie ....but holey wow! Violent! not graphic, blood, guts and gore, but I lost track when doing a body count! I really enjoyed the first movie (and the book before that), and have high hopes for the next one (they are saying it will be more adventure, less conflict).

That's all for now -- I may post sock progress later today, if I get anywhere with it.

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