Saturday, 21 June 2008

Summer Sizzlers Started

Since Summer of Socks started Saturday, at 7 a.m. (not a bad string of alliteration , eh?) I cast on my first ever toe up sock! The pattern (although you probably won't be able to pick it out from my picture -- ha! ha!) is the Summer 2008 Sock pattern by Wendy Johnson, created specifically for SOS 2008. It looks like a nice lacy pattern ... and I had the perfect yarn to make it sizzle in my stash -- Kertzer On Your Toes 4 ply in colour ON223818 (sexy name, eh?).

I am calling them Summer Sizzlers (and am so excited that the toes of the socks are going to be orange -- for some weird reason, if I don't like the way the colours work out at the toe of a sock, it ruins me for the whole pair! You know what I mean? If there is a beautiful colour at the toe, and it is a nice solid sequence of that colour, I think my sock is ugly if there is just one row of another colour before I bind off - especially if that colour is white. So this toe up thing could make me a very happy woman, and lessen my OCD a bit! Yay! Orange toes!).

I have been bouncing around since 7 a.m., checking my "Friends activities" on the Rav and on their blogs, and so far nary a picture or post about their SOS projects. I am going on a conference on Monday, and likely won't get to a computer for the 3 days I am away - girls, I need to see what you are doing so I have a fix before I go!

Also, need to get my butt in gear to finish the "homework" for the conference, the square representing my community . I finished knitting the back last night, washed and blocked it and have begun the final hunt for items to tuck into each pocket (representing each of the 9 districts in my community). When the back is dry, I will sew the pockets on, attach the backing with my description of what the whole thing means, stuff the pockets with the trinkets and post a picture on the blog, so all my wonderful volunteer pocket knitters - and crocheters {hi Marti} can see their work and how it all came together as a collective.)

So far -- this is how I am picturing it (the final pocket will be knit after the others are all sewn in place, and will fit whatever space is available).
Stay tuned!


Donna said...

Can't wait to see a picture of your sock.
The project is coming along nicely and I am sure you will be the most clever person at the conference. And win a prize for the most original totally best project!

lexa said...

I didn't get home til after supper tonight. I did cast on a pair of socks last night after 11pm and knit three rounds. I finished all the necessary dishcloths this weekend and have the baby set almost finished. After that, look out socks, here I come!

Going to try and post later on this evening, but not guaranteed. (Maybe a Ravelry update at least.)

Anonymous said...

Yay for toe up socks!! I love toe ups they fit sooo well I find they work better than toe downs for me. The mailman brought the things I've been awaiting, so your package is going to be mailed out this weekend. Happy SOS. I've started my SOS knitting already and have more than one pair of socks on the go.

Happy Knitting,
Your SP 12 pal