Saturday, 9 August 2008

Happy Bruce Day!

Last night was Bruce's first night with us ... and he/we did great! I was up with him 3 times through the night (mostly because the other critters were curious about him and woke him up!), but after a trip to the yard for business, he went right back to sleep - which I thought was pretty good, considering it was his first night away from his mother and littermates.

Elvis and Duffy LOVE him ... the cats are indifferent (both check him out as soon as he goes to sleep ... he chases Curly every time he comes near when Bruce is awake, and Louie is nowhere to be seen as soon as Bruce wakes up).

He is napping now, with a belly full of lunch and fresh from the bath. I wasn't going to bath him for a few days, in case he got dry skin, but he smelled pretty funky and was making me get filled up ... so now he smells of lavender, perfect in a house of wool.


Donna M said...

OMG! I want one! I really want one!
How darling is that little thing?!
Can I come visit one day? Please!?

lexa said...

Isn't he a cutie!!!

Marti said...

Somebody's adorable!! Love the spots. Just way too cute.

Dorothy said...


Anonymous said...

What kind of breed is that??? He is so adorable - cuteness overload!