Saturday, 6 September 2008

Do the Hustle!

Each September, for more than 25 years, the Hospital Hustle has raised more than $18,000 annually for our local hospital, purchasing equipment and other items not covered by their operating budget. There are countless volunteers who devote innumerable hours to this really great community event, and people from the local area come out in droves - all ages, all walks of life - all supporting one common cause, and getting great deals at the same time!

Today is Hustle Day - so T and I did our part, went to the event (which in its current state of evolution is a lot like a ginormous yard sale - a white elephant table, tables for crafts, jewellery, toys, books, baked goods, plants, produce, fudge, glassware, and food out the wazoo!), we bought some tickets and walked away with some great deals ...
all these tomatoes - destined to become salsa
some home baked bread (T loves it and I don't seem to have time to make it anymore) - we've never been to the Hustle that the goods on the baked goods table have lasted more than a half hour after the Hustle started, and today was no exception.

shells - perfect for the fish tanks (forgot to take a picture ... but it was a HUGE ziplock bag full!)

fudge - there was a lot more of it, but it took some time to find the camera - ;) -- chocolate with nuts and potato (which I hadn't had since I was a kid, and remembered LOVING but it is really, really, really sweet when you are a grownup!)
and I had a falling down at the jewellery table - a necklace watch (which I am hoping only needs a battery), big beads (which I am going to tear apart and make into something else), and a pretty pink pin (which I noticed on the drive home is missing a stone - crap! But I love it anyway, and will likely wear it regardless, and feign surprise if someone points out the missing stone - "What? oh, no! I'll have to get this thing fixed! I am sooo upset!").

The Docs Dogs booth's bbq hadn't arrived when we were there, so no hot dogs served by one of our many talented (and multi talented MDs), but T did help the local Kiwanis club out - several times - through hamburger sales.

A pretty good way to start the day. I hope they make their goal this year!

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Cookie said...

Sounds like a yummy and wonderful outing!