Monday, 1 September 2008

No labouring on Labour Day

Today is the official day to celebrate by not working -- so in honour of not having to work today, we are going out in the boat, over to the island to our camp for the day (unless it rains hard). We will eat lots, maybe go fishing, watch the seagulls, maybe go beach combing, target shooting and I will knit!

** ETA -- sh--ugar, it started to rain, so we ended up taking our lunch to my MILs and sharing it with them (lemon dill chicken, salad and hot crab dip ... yummy!). We played cards and I worked on a purse while our little Bruce played with their puppy Moya Belle -- they play hard and loud! Lotsa barking, yelping, growling and snarling! They are good friends, and weigh the same, although soon, Bruce will outweigh her.

What are your Labour day plans? I am on vacation for the rest of the week and am really looking forward to a relaxing week of knitting and not much else! I will try to post some FOs over the next few days (I actually have a few! Whooo -hooo!)

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Donna M said...

My intentions are to watch the US Open and knit! I did it! I am almost finished the sock monkey!
Too much wine tonight and I can't spell so, bye bye!