Wednesday, 22 October 2008

10 -- 9 -- 8 -- Countdown

I don't think I have blogged this yet (maybe mentioned it in passing, but not a proper chatty post), seems like there is not enough time in the day ... and maybe I was afraid that something would come up and I wouldn't be able to go, but it looks like everything is going to work out, and I will actually be able to be there ... Lucy Neatby is holding two workshop's at Have a Yarn, and I am going! I have been to a Lucy workshop before, and really enjoyed her teaching methods, and learned lots of neat tricks that I am still using now, more than a year later.

Oct. 31st, She is doing a Socks workshop (I know - how totally neat! I love socks, and you've seen the UFO pile of socks - maybe she'll give a bunch of tips to get those done quickly, or inspire me so much that I will just have to get them done so I can work on something fabulous that she talks about int he workshop).

Day 2, Nov. 1, is a Lace workshop -- I am not super keen on lace, but I am sure she'll have cool stuff there that I will regret not taking the course if I see Lucy's lace! And want to be more confident in making increases of varied types, so this should be a help.

Some of the Knitterpudlians are going ... it should be a hoot! I always enjoy spending time with my Knit Nite pals -- I laugh so much on our road trips, they are a fun group!

Only 9 more sleeps!

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Donna M said...

We missed you this evening. A conflict here means no KN next week. Then we are back on again.

I too am eagerly awaiting the classes next week!