Saturday, 25 October 2008

No Knitting progress

We took a drive to Bridgewater this morning - T got new tires and rims for his new truck, and I wanted some new jeans (I have misplaced my "good" jeans, and the only other pair I have are about 3 years old and have holes in them) to wear to the workshop next weekend, and to a conference I am going to. We picked up our pumpkins for Halloween ... I can't wait to carve them!

T & I do a carving fest on Oct. 30th after supper (and neither of us is allowed to look at the other's pumpkins until we are done! Then we take them for a test run - light the candles, turn out the lights and see if they are sufficiently scary!).

Those are last years batch (can't have a long post with no pictures to entertain you!)
and these are the 2006 pumpkins ...

I'm excited to see what this year's pun'kins turn out like.

I've been plugging away on my Charade socks -- turned the heel this morning. I have been busy at work over the past week (I worked most of last Saturday, and Wednesday evening until nearly 10 p.m., so have been tired and not up to much knitting wise - so these socks are seeming to take forever! But I knit on them whenever I have a few minutes. Hopefully they'll be done in a few days).

I have to get busy with the purses again - I have 3 of the 6 Red Hatter purses that were commissioned knitted and felted, need to work on the other 3 and the embellishments, though. I have a tight deadline - the woman is home from her trip on Nov. 6th and I said they'd be done by then. I work best under pressure! I should have been working on them over the past 2 weeks, but I really wanted to get T's socks done, and then felt the urge to finish a UFO - so the Charades made their way to the top of the pile.

I went to the cafe that sells my bags, and there are only 3 adult purses and 2 kid's ones left. I picked up some cash (yay!) and have resolved to get a few knit for there as soon as the Red Hatter ones are finished. And the Christmas Craft sale I go to with my Mom and sister is at the end of November - my to do list is growing!

I found some really nice handles at a shop a month or so ago, so I think I'll use some of them instead of only doing knitted handles (good-bye to miles and miles of i-cord!). I have some cute circular bamboo handles, some of the hand-bag style bamboo ones with the metal d-rings to attach them and some pretty fabric straps too. It should save some time, and give the bags a slightly different style.

I think for the Christmas sale I am going to try some funky new styles - with charted designs on the fronts. I don't enjoy knitting with multiple colours, so hope that working on them in a felted project will cover my mistakes (holes!) and give me practice. It's something I'd like to be good at.


lexa said...

Colorwork and felting should go well together. That's why I like felted mittens. Usually I'm not happy with the thumb, so once it's felted you can't tell there's anything wrong. :)

Donna M said...

Great pumpkin pics! Can't wait to see this year's batch.

You could always needlefelt a design on your purses if you didn't want to do the colourwork! I know how!