Friday, 17 April 2009

It's Deja Vu (but not in a good way)

(if you are looking for knitting content, move along, there's nothing to see here)

Remember the odd sign I saw on that country road? Well, I think it is following me around.

T mentioned last night when he got home from work that he "knows what that bird thing is" ... I asked him what he was talking about (having forgotten all about the sign from a month ago ... I just thought he had gone a little nutty). So he said it again, and said "that bird thing is a comedy thing". I still didn't get it, until he reminded me of that sign I saw -- ahhhh ... "that P e n i s thing"!

He saw a sign for it, and the sign he saw said it was a comedy show. Ah ha~ mystery solved!

Then, it started to get a little weird ... Today I was reading an on-line local newspaper and this was plunk in the middle of the page -- the story was about grants being given (or not given) to build schools in our community and the next one over, not a single mention in the article of a winkie, a willy, a wanker nor a wee wee, so I am not really sure of how the publishers thought this show would link with the making of a new school !

Maybe I am meant to go to the show? Is this a sign? If I go to my car tomorrow and find a flyer under my wipers, I will go , or risk getting struck down with a lightening bolt.


Donna M said...

Mystery solved. Now everyone is curious about the whole thing and it will be your responsibility to find out and let us know!!

lexa said...

I heard on the radio yesterday that they only had a few tickets left. Guess it must be a popular thing. :)