Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows! (and Earl)

Oh my gosh - this has been one of the best summers weather-wise that we've had in a long time! It has been sunny nearly every day since I can't remember when (at least since April!). We've only had a few days of rain, and for that I am grateful ... my job involves running programs for children outside and in outdoor swimming pools, so sunshine is always a good thing - rescheduling events is not much fun.

Today is another sunny day, part of a really weird heat-wave we've been experiencing ... temps. over the past few days have exceeded all record highs. It is oppressive, sticky and not easy to knit in as the wool sticks to your fingers.

There is supposed to be a hurricane coming this weekend (I am sure you've heard of it, unless you have been living in a cave! -- It is all over the news and Internet). Hurricane Earl is projected to hit Nova Scotia, possibly even our county. I'm hoping it isn't too bad, and that we don't lose power tomorrow while T is at work ... our basement will flood is the sump pump can't run! We live near the river.

I am officially on vacation ... I go back to work on the 13th ... And I am planning to do lots of things! Today I am making jam ... I bought 25 lbs of peaches and am jamming ... not the smartest thing to do, considering the heat, but I want to get it done, so I am taking lots of water breaks ... I have 2 batches done so far, and probably another 7 to go.

Last weekend, there was a local festival just down the road from me -- Queens County Seafest. My hubby, his brother and a few friends got up at 4:30 a.m. last Saturday to go fishing. There are lots of fun things to do there, music, food, crafts, and things for the kids ... I volunteered at the beer tent for a few hours with my sister (not sure why my face is snarled up like that ... I look cranky! Don't remember the picture being taken). I think I need to wear my glasses more ... I look cranky in this picture too ... and I wasn't. I think I squint and scrunch my face up so I can see and the result is the cranky pants look I have. The little cutie beside me is my niece ... and she was cranky ... a fine pair we make, eh!)

While T and his friends were fishing, he got bitten by a blue shark ... he stuck his hand in the sharks mouth to get the hook back, and the jaws clamped down on his hand, slicing 2 deep wounds in his index finger. 5 stitches and a tetanus shot later, and he's doing great. He says that Alexander Keith told him to stick his hand in there ... dumbass! LOL! He bled a lot, not sure if it was bleeding a lot because it was a hand wound or because it was deep .... but he bled right though that bandage on his hand. Ewww!

I have been knitting ... and am planning on a fair bit more knitting this week too. I have 4 purses knit for the craft sale on Sept. 18 & 19, but they aren't felted, so don't look like much ... sorry - no pics!

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